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Insurance Broker Negligence

The insurance broker who sells you insurance has a duty to act prudently as a professional, and if acting below the standard of care required of such agents, is liable to his or her clients. Thus, if after a fire or other major loss of property, you find you will not be able to rebuild your home, or that your property was not fully covered, the broker may be responsible.

Similarly, if a claim for life, health, or disability insurance benefits is denied based on alleged misstatements or omitted information on the application, and you told the agent but he or she did not write it down on the application, you may have recourse.
Other situations involving loss due to broker negligence is failing to timely submit an application, failure to write adequate insurance, misstating the terms of the insurance procured, or failing to secure the requested insurance.
If you have suffered loss or damage because the insurance broker did not do their job correctly, you should contact our office for effective representation.
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