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Life / Accidental Death Insurance

Insurance providing benefits following a policyholder’s death comes in the form of straight life insurance or accidental death insurance. 

Insurance companies frequently try to avoid paying life insurance claims on such asserted grounds as a misstatement or omission on the application for insurance, particularly about medical history, or that the insurance was never in force even though initial premiums had been paid, or that the company has no record of a policy existing. 
Accidental death claims (which arise either as “double indemnity” coverage as part of a life insurance policy or in a separate accidental death policy only) too often meet with erroneous denials because the insurance company claims the policyholder did not die from an accident, or that there was some other cause to the death, such as illness or injury, or that the insured committed suicide.
Such wrongful denials are in bad faith, and effective legal representation is needed to properly protect your rights. We provide such representation at The Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Metzger.
We do not let insurance companies take advantage of you!