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Our Fee Arrangements


Contingency Fee Option
When you submitted your claim for disability insurance benefits, it meant, virtually by definition, that you were not working, and were without an earned income. You were thus dependent on your disability insurance for protection.
Now you also need to hire a lawyer to pursue your improperly denied benefits. In such a position, the last thing you need right now is to worry about paying hourly legal fees. So we don’t ask you to do so.
When you become our client, we will never require that you pay fees for our services until we achieve a successful financial outcome that you have approved. Instead, you will pay a contingency fee that is taken from the proceeds paid by your insurance company. The contingency fee has a long history in legal practice as the means to give less wealthy clients a way to have their day in court without going broke in the process.
Our contingent fee is based on a percentage of the recovery, and the percentage amount depends upon when the recovery is obtained. That is, the percentage is lower if there is a recovery before a lawsuit is filed than after, and so on. Thus, we get paid only for results. We think that is fair and that you will like it that way.
Hourly Fee Option
While we prefer to work for a contingency fee, and most of our clients do agree to this arrangement, some clients prefer (and certain situations work best on) an hourly fee contract, and/or a hybrid contract that combines these two elements. Details of these options may be discussed in your free consultation to determine what arrangement is best suited for your financial situation, our representation, and your case.